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Nita was born in Torrance, California and grew up speaking Taiwanese and Mandarin Chinese at home with her parents and English at school. She learned to love reading at an early age, which led her to study English literature at Yale University. She later went on to participate in National Novel Writing Month, for which she has written drafts for ten middle grade novels so far.

She moved to Japan in the summer of 2006 to teach English and discovered how much she enjoyed studying Japanese. After completing her contract teaching English, she enrolled in a Japanese language school to study full-time for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and passed Level 1 (the most difficult level) the following year.

After taking the exam in December 2008, she returned to Los Angeles and quickly became involved in the local Japanese community. Through working with Japanese students at her church, she discovered a passion for interpreting and a desire to learn more about the depths of Japanese society that would help her translate not only the words themselves, but also their cultural significance.

She currently lives in Dallas, Texas, where she translates anime at Funimation and volunteers at local anime conventions as an interpreter.







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